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    Onsite or Remote support options designed to handle
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    Our NOC team of over 700 technicians and
    can handle your server(s) along with special projects

PC & Server Management and Monitoring Services make your business run smoother

ITDefenses offers superior programs that can make your ROI go higher than ever before.
Your systems will be monitored 24x7x365. Help Desk options also available.

Mobile Device Management

Get more control with all your mobile devices by having them under our Mobile Device Management (MDM) Program

Our Other Services & Products


Custom Built Computers

ITDefenses builds Custom Built Computers or spec built systems. With over 50 years combined experience you can specify the items you want and we can help guide you on the customization. Much research is done before building, such as what applications will be used, operating system, cost targets, useful life and roll out locally, nationally or globalized delivery. From system board to final assembly, testing, and packaging used all areas are addressed to bring you the success that only a custom made system can provide.
If you are considering a change to someone who can 1- Create a No Cost Beta System for your testing and potential purchase , 2- Have a need for 2 or more systems on a a roll-out over a given period of time, 3- Require long-term availability of system boards, memory, processor and hard drives, 4- Specialized packaging and shipping, than ITDefenses will be your vendor of choice. Phone 513-275-9712 to disuss your requirements.

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25,000+ Computer Products

With over 25,000 computer products available, including Hardware, Software, Electronics and Home Products. ITDefenses can find the technology products you require.

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Network Review, Design and Implementation

Whether you have a current network or you want a new network, ITDefenses can help Review your network and make recommendations to improve efficiencies and ROI.
Having your network reviewed for issues associated with it such as internet drop off, wireless issues and network drop-off can get you on the path to better performance for your network.
Our No Charge Review can get scheduled by Phoning 513-275-9712.

Network Review

Website Hosting and Ecommerce Services

Website hosting and Ecommerce services can help your business grow. If you already have a website we can host your site and give you many No Charge Options such as spcially a web based application to create forms that can be easily created and put on your website, Login to a web based application that shows logging reports on all your visitors, web based application that you control for the creation of polling questions where you can take specific polls and display polling results or keep them private, web based application for News posting. Post news on your site with specific linking that can easily be added.
Our ecommerce package can handle 1 to 1 million products, with in-depth search capabilities, pictures, videos and more. Phone Chris 513-275-9712 or email chris@itdefenses.com to request a over-the-phone or on-site meeting to discuss your requirements.

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Get your computer repaired Today!

Call : 513-275-9212

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Why Choose Us

ITDefenses offers Fast, Friendly, Expert service for all your PC based servers and workstations. Whether you choose to use us strictly on a per-call basis or on our Maintenance and Monitoring packages you can depend on a quick response.
To discuss your requirement phone 513.275.9712, Fax:513-813-5500 or contact us via email: contact us

Free Estimate

Looking to shop your computer requirements. We can come on site and review all items you have in mind and get you a Free Estimate. Just give us a call at 513-275-9712 or use our contact form:Get A Free Estimate

24/7 Services

When your systems are on our Maintenance and Monitoring packages it means that your systems are checked on a 24x7x365 basis.
Although it's rare, if you provide a contact phone number we can call you to setup a time to take care of an issue that requires an onsite visit either during or off regular working hours.

Flat Rate Fees

When you have a special project we can quote you a Flat Rate Fee to handle that project. When you are on our Maintenance and Monitoring Package you can get special flat rate fees for handling many projects that would take many hours to complete by your internal IT Staff. Big savings on these special projects can many times pay for themselves in time saved by internal staffs.

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Our Executive Team

Fred Thiergartner
Chris Thiergartner
Senior Technical Sales Specialist
What people say?


  • William S.


    I know that Fred cares about our issues
    and will do what it takes to solve them quickly. I have somewhere to go
    to get issues resolved and get almost instant response to our issues
    with not just conversation, but solutions.

  • Vivian F.


    The personal service, they never make me feel 'stupid' for asking
    questions and they call right back, help with anything i need.
    Being a small 'company' we do not have the option of an IT Department
    but having worked for very large companies our "IT Department"
    treats us much better and has a much better turn-around time.
    We are definetly not treated like a small company.

  • Scott P.


    Quick to answer our distress calls. Fast service to our offices.
    Professional attitude and good at listening to our issues and
    understanding how to fix it or know where to go to rectify the problem.
    Fast service and you always seem to locate the issue and rectify
    them quickly. We feel we are a priority and itís the most important
    thing to have you there when issues arise.
    My new computer rocks! I love it and life is better for all of us.
    The speed of turnaround and of service is really the most key thing
    we need and you guys do a great job of that!

  • Russ G.

    Executive V.P

    Prompt personal service.
    Our waterjet computer
    was down and ITDefenses built a new computer
    and got us up and running again!
    Personal Service for a good price.