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Complete data protection for servers

Carbonite® Server is a secure, all-in-one server backup and recovery solution for physical, virtual and legacy systems. Recognized for its flexibility, Carbonite Server offers various deployment options and the ability to restore current or historical data from the cloud or a local appliance.

It also protects data from a range of everyday data loss scenarios that are not covered natively in Microsoft 365. It’s also easily deployed through Microsoft Active Directory integration.
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Single Vendor Solutions

Single vendor service

Secure local and cloud backup with optional integrated hardware.

ITDefenses Granular Recovery

Granular recovery

Restore servers from bare metal or recover files and folders as needed.

ITD - Transmitted Data

Flexible retention

Customize retention policies for forever incremental backups (up to seven years).


Secure protection

Transmitted data is compressed and encrypted (256-bit in-flight and at rest).

Platform Protection And Policies

Expansive platform protection

Create and deploy policies to back up as frequently as every minute.

ITDefenses Granular Recovery

Cloud disaster recovery

Fully managed service guarantees availability of critical systems in the Carbonite cloud.

ITD - Transmitted Data

Immutable backups - Ransomware protection

Carbonite backup ‘safesets’ are locked for extra protection. Potential ransomware scanning, alerting and remediation included.


Hourly backup

Schedule, monitor and report on intra-day backups.

ITDefenses Get It Done! ITDefenses

How It Works

Customizable layers of protection

The local backup server connects to the host and takes a backup of the selected systems.

The backed-up data is compressed, reducing the data footprint, minimizing the impact on the network and accelerating uploads to the cloud—since less data needs to be transferred.

Once seeded, the server performs incremental backups, recording only changes.

The backup server updates on a set schedule, while sending changes securely on a separate schedule to the cloud.

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