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ITDefenses is different from other computer companies because ITDefenses offers a wide range of services and products that eliminate the need for other vendors to be called for different sections of your network. A full range of corporate business computing hardware and services includes,

  • Maintenance and Monitoring Systems - For Servers, Workstations and Mobile Devices. When researching services ITDefenses can put togeth a package that will take the worry out of keeping your network running.
  • System Performance - Complete support for both server and workstation to get back the performance you deserve. System testing can be done remotely and onsite where dictated.
  • File Server - Onsite Maintenance, Monitoring, Support and repair of both name brand and off-brand systems.
  • Workstation - Onsite Maintenance, Monitoring, Support and repair
  • Productivity Software - Complete line of Microsoft and other manufacturer's software for cloud based computing or license based services
  • New Computer Hardware - Over 17,000 items available including: Workstations, Printers, Components, Security Devices and Software
  • Custom Built Computers - Have your next system specified to fit your exacting needs. Our standard 3-year onsite hardware warranty makes your purchase assured of getting quick onsite dependable service whe you need it. ITDefenses can build your Servers and Workstations to your specifications. For 5 or more workstations you can get a beta system built and 30-day no-charge evaluation.
  • Firewall Hardware, Licensing, Maintenance and Support - all these services help protect your entire network. With the everchanging landscape of security concerns it is recommended that you update your fireware when manufacturer support has ended or is at end-of-life.
  • Wireless Networking - Complete service and support for help setup a new wireless network or correct wireless issues that you may having with your existing wireless network.
  • Networking Support - complete table of options for the review, repair, revamp, or new installation of networking components.
  • Loaner Workstations - When you use ITDefenses for service on your workstations you can receive a No Charge Loaner if the unit being worked on must be taken from your location. When you have requirements, ITDefenses can help get those requirements filled, Correctly, Quickly and at a price you can depend on.

  • Phone ITDefenses today 513 - 275 - 9712 to schedule your No Charge Onsite Review.

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    • ITDefenses LLC, INC.
      P.O. Box 974
      West Chester OH 45071
    • 513 - 275 - 9712Fax: 513 - 813 - 5500
    • sales@ITDefenses.com

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