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September 2022

ITDefenses is pleased to announce our Lead Payment program. It's easy to get paid for leads that you provide. Here's how it works.

1- Provide a company lead that has 5 or fewer systems and the lead results in a $100 or higher order you get $25.00

2- Provide a company lead that has 6 or more systems and the lead results in a $250 or high order and you get $75.00

If you know of a company that could benefit from our services simply send Fred@ITDefenses.com noting the following: Company Name, Contact Name, Contact EMAIL Address, Phone Number

For additional details phone Fred or Chris at 513-275-9712

ITDefenses - MS-365 Products

Microsoft 365  Installation and Migration Services 

ITDefenses can handle all your Microsoft 365 needs. When you require know-how to Migrate your email services from providers like GMAIL, GoDaddy and others,  ITDefenses has the experience to make it happen affordably and on-time. 

Defederation services with the Tenant are handled without issues.  ITDefenses would need complete access to DNS setups to properly handle installations and migrations.

Managed services are required for servers and workstations for proper installation, setup and maintenance of your system.  This helps insure problem free network systems.

Phone Now To Get Started

ITDefenses can take the headaches out of getting your entire company on Microsoft 365.   Just know that when ITDefenses does your Microsoft 365 project it will be done correctly.  Phone Sales: 513-680-2281 or EMAIL: sales@itdefenses.com

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