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By Chris Thiergartner

Learning to share is an important early-life skill. Now, you've mastered it, and you're out in the workforce. Happily, digital technology makes it much easier to share business files, but that doesn't mean you want to do so willy-nilly. Consider these best practices for sharing with both internal and external users.

Cloud sharing makes it simple to share presentations, spreadsheets, documents, and other files. In OneDrive, Dropbox, Google, you can simply click on that document and click "share." The link is created, and you can copy it into an email, or you can use a pop-up email from the software you're working in at that moment. That done, you can move on to your next "to do" without thinking about it any longer.

Maybe not.

Unless you've set that link to expire, you've shared endless access to that file. Plus, you may have set the file up so that anyone with the link can open the file. You may even have given everyone with the link editing permission for that file, which means they can change the data or delete it. That's today, tomorrow, weeks, months, or even years from now.

Think about that link before you share it. You may not intend that external contractor to have continued access to that presentation. You may want only an internal team member's input before a client pitch, not in perpetuity, even after they're no longer involved in that project.

Best practices with shared links

The problem compounds if you share folders. You might start out with a few files in that folder – the ones you wanted to let your client contact see – but, as time goes on, you add more files to the same folder. Do you want that client to be able to see all those files? Forever? Think about this before sending a shared link with broad permissions.

Yes, "anyone with the link can view" links are useful. They can help when you don't know everyone's email, or you don't know everyone (internal or external) who will need access to a file. Still, it's best to take the permission-based route. Allow only people with emails you know to access that file. You might set the default in your link sharing to "only people in your organization."

Think twice about whether you want to make them editors, too. Remember that gives them the right to modify and delete that file. You might want only their eyes on the content, so limit what they can do to viewing only.

It's also a good plan to set your links to expire. This stops the other person from continuing to access the files long after they need to do so. For confidential, sensitive data, choose a shorter expiration date; otherwise, you might go with a month. If the person needs access again after the link expires, you'll be able to let them in again, but you'll know you're doing so.

Worried about unauthenticated access to your files, folders, or software and systems? Work with a managed service provider to enhance your security posture. Our experts are here to help. Contact us today at 513-275-9712 or EMAIL:Fred or Chris.

By Chris Thiergartner

Standard systems on the market may not be able to meet specifications that are demanded by your company’s applications. In addition, the service and support on the systems may require proprietary parts to make the repair.


Once the warranty is up, trying to find parts and service may become a big issue. My brother and I have been building custom computers since the 1980s and have the knowledge and experience to configure your system and allow it to perform at its peak for many years.

Long System Life

ITDefenses can supply system boards that have long life support. It's not unusual to see system boards that have not changed in 5 or even 10 years, but are still available. These type of systems are meant for companies that require systems that don't change since the applications being used must be supported by trained staff.

The initial cost can be higher, however, keeping standardized base systems available keeps cost lower overall and makes service and support much easier to provide. This is especially important when your company may be shipping pre-configured systems out world-wide, and service is critical to keeping your business running.

ITDefenses can help you target the correct system for your business. As you may know, notebook computers have become a large part of many businesses due to their size and portability.

We specifically recommend the use of Lenovo based notebook computers because of their proven quality and serviceability. When it comes to servers, desktop computers, and gaming workstations, ITDefenses can specify the correct components in order to lower the cost and extend the life of each system.

Name Brand Proven Components

The use of name brand components such as ASUS, Corsair, SuperMicro, Gigabyte, Intel, AMD, will also get you the best price to performance ratio, (or bang-for-the-buck) than other stock systems.

ITDefenses specifically keeps away from low-cost, low-quality system boards that only look at a one-year or less life span warranty.

Extended Service Life

Knowing what components do not meet our specifications can keep custom built systems out of trouble. This is one of the main reasons to get a custom-built computer. This means you pay the lowest price per performance stat in terms of case, video card, hard drive capacity, RAM and processor speed. In addition, the components used inside a custom-built system are different than pre-packaged systems.

3-Year Onsite or Depot Warranty

In shopping for computers you may only see a 90-day, 6-month or 1-year warranty for systems on the market today. ITDefenses gives a 3-year depot or site warranty for every custom built system. Certain power-supplies have a 10-year manufacturer warranty which helps keep systems running beyond the original manufacturers and ITDefenses warranty, and since they are off-the-shelf standard it keeps repairs simple.

Demo System Available

ITDefenses can provide a demo system built to order for initial testing. A 30-day period is given for demo systems when you need to roll out 10 or more systems. There is no cost for the trial period system use.

Using custom built systems can give you much more than the 3-year life expectancy of most name brand systems. Many servers and workstations that we sold over 10-years ago are still running strong and are maintained by ITDefenses to this day

Plug-and-Go Ready

Since each system is custom built, it means that when it is delivered to your office, plant, warehouse or home it will be ready to plug-and-go! Custom built systems can give you the control of cost, service and life of systems by controlling every aspect of your systems.

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