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Server Support Onsite or Remote

Server Services, quick onsite or remote services when you need it. We support Windows 2019, 2017, 2012, 2008, 2003 and 10. We service anything within a 50 mile radius of Cincinnati. Loaner Servers and Workstations available. Maintenance and monitoring services always available. ITDefenses is proud to offer the finest server repair and Monitoring / Management services. ITDefenses RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) programs dramatically increase your operational efficiency. Our Intuitive, SaaS-based management portal allows you to easily backup, monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain your pc based and mobile based devices.

Our years of experience monitoring many systems has provided us the ability to create a simplified ticket based workflow thats takes the pressure off of you and your company, thereby giving more time to focus on driving your business forward.

ITDefenses offers three distinct levels of service for your servers. Select the package that fits your company needs.

    1 - Call us when you need us. - You have multiple ways to place your service order. Phone: 513 - 275 - 9712, EMAIL:, Fax: 513 - 813 - 5500 or ONLINE: (must register first). Our base rate is $90.00 per hour, with Mileage and Travel charges included. This rate is good for areas within a 50-mile radius of Cincinnati. No need to wait for anyone to visit your offices or make special arrangements, just phone us, EMAIL us, or place an online service order to get your server repaired quickly.

    2 - Preferred Server Care - Are your people spending too much time troubleshooting and resolving issues? With Preferred Server Care you can completely offload server monitoring and management to ITDefenses NOC. Alerts generated by our RMM software are sent to our remote remediation team, which connects to troubled servers to apply the appropriate solution, if on-site services are required we dispatch technicians to handle them. Off-hours support is available in criticial situations. Includes 2,400 preconfigured monitoring rules, Hardware and Software Audits, Logmein Pro Desktop Access, Antivirus Software and update services, Remote restart of services and low-disk space clean up, Automated patching with flexible installation schedule along with schedule optional reboot, Resolve Windows patch failures, Full remote problem resolution (many time you won't be aware of any issues it will be reapaired automatically), Ad Group Policy Troubleshooting, System Performance analysis and troubleshooting, MS Exchange health check and defragmentation, MS Service Pack installation, MS Service Pack Installation, Included Network Availability Monitoring, Performance based testing and resolution
Preferred Server Care $50.00 month.

    3 - Elite Server Care - This package includes all of the Preferred Server Care options plus many additional services. If you require only the best in server care, than the Elite Server Care package is the one for you and your company. Our expert technicians are ready to investigate and resolve all server issues, whether they are generated by our RMM alerts or raised by your team via our ticketing system. You benefit from the ITDefenses NOC critical notification and remediation teams, as well as the remote troubleshooting team for your requests. You can forward any event identities, application messagees, windows error message and other anomalies to ITDefneses for best-effort troubleshooting and resolution, including on-site services when required.
Specially priced project services are also avilable, this alone is well worth the monthly support cost considering you have over 700 technicians available to resolve nearly any issue.
Elite Server Care $64.00 mo.

Phone 513 - 275 - 9712 for quantity pricing.

Loaner And Rentals

Keeping an office environment efficient and productive can be tough when you have a workstation or notebook out of production. ITDefenses understands this and will make loaners available if your workstation or notebook will be out of service for more than one day.
Rental systems are available as well and can boost productivty of your office staff. Special low rates are available when you subscribe to our Server and Workstation Monitoring and Maintenance programs.

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